As I am certain you know, cigars have been being enjoyed for centuries and will be for centuries to come. It’s a handmade product from some of the finest quality ingredients around the world. All rolled up into a single smokable piece of tobacco. Many people have chosen the path of cigars in life and a few of their names you might even know. Here we’ll take a look at some famous names that were avid cigar smokers and enthusiasts.


Al Pacino


If not one of the biggest actors that have reigned over peoples’ minds as an avid cigar smoker, then the biggest. Al Pacino played Tony Montana in the classic known as Scarface. In this movie, you’ll find Al Pacino’s character bossing around whoever comes in his way whenever he wishes to. All while hoisting a big ol’ cigar in his mouth. This gunner and criminal mastermind reached his height in cash and burned down like one of those Cuban masterpieces he smoked. Slow and artistically beautiful.


Fidel Castro


Another huge name the almost coincides with the word cigar. Fidel Castro was once the president of region that possess the most sought-after cigars; Cuba. Any time you picture this man or have seen him displayed, he bolstered a strong attitude and an even bolder cigar. If you’re a cigar connoisseur, then you could almost be jealous of this man. He had all of the Cuban cigars he could ever ask for at the simple snap of a finger.


Sir Winston Churchill


Sir Winston Churchill is a legend and was also known for his enthusiasm towards cigars. While serving as an army officer in Cuba, he stockpiled as many cigars as he could. A distinguished man compared to any on this Earth and for good reason. Legendary at the command of an army and previous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Churchill was truly a respectable man that loved his cigars.

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