Driving.com – Thirteen of the 15 employees who worked at Chrysler Group’s Jefferson North Assembly plant and were caught on videotape drinking booze and apparently smoking marijuana were fired Monday, the automaker announced.

“Chrysler Group has completed its investigation of the Jefferson North employees recently suspended for inappropriate conduct during their lunch period,” Jodi Tinson, spokeswoman for the Auburn Hills, Mich., company, said in a statement.

“It has been determined that 13 employees engaged in behaviour that violated the company’s standards of conduct and these 13 employees were discharged today. Two remaining employees will receive a one-month disciplinary layoff without pay.”

The company probe was triggered by the airing of a Detroit television report last week which exposed alcohol and drug use among a group of workers during their lunch break.

Videotaped over a 10-day period, the workers’ lunch habits included a trip to a store and then to a public park where they guzzled bottles of booze and appeared to be smoking marijuana. The workers were captured on video by WJBK, which had been tipped off by concerned workers at the Jefferson plant, which assembles the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I don’t get it. Where did they do wrong? They left work and had a lunch break. Big deal. Jeep Grand Cherokee is the number one produced and highest rated SUV / 4×4 on the market. It’s not like it was affecting production or quality. Probably made it better.

Besides, here is my argument. They were preventing a reccesion. Duhhhhhh. Don’t you guys see how it works? The farmers depend on the car companies to make them vehicles to farm with so they can sell crops. The car companies depend on the farmers to buy vehicles so they can buy more materials to manufacture with. The steel companies depend on the goverment to lower the cost of raw materials in order to save the consumer money. The farmers make the grains for beer, the car companies build machines to harvest it, the steel workers make more steel to keep it all going!

These guys were the heart and soul of economic development. They were just trying to help. It all makes sense!

OK. Brass tacks here…They did this over a 10-day period, but I’m guessing over a year they got away with it. So on average they worked 355 days out of the year. So multiply 15 workers, times three beers per….Hold on

15 workers

x  3 beers = 45 beers per lunch break x 355 days = 15,975 beers per year.

That’s some serious economic stimulus right there on the part of these guys. Not to mention all the weed they were buying. Not to mention they did this all in their JEEPS!  Don’t fire them, give them a raise!