This month we watched the Tea Party make a joke of our whole election process. What is even more shocking and disturbing is that they are winning. Has the whole country gone completely mad? Or are the intelligent and informed just not standing up to the lunacy? I think it’s the latter, and I have to tell you people that voting is more important now than ever. The GOP pandered to these far-right lunatics for so long to swing elections in their favor that they have grown into a monster even the Republicans can’t control. Truth be told, we should all be afraid as the Tea Party launches their assault on knowledge and science.

I honestly believe the tea party to be a bigger threat to the U.S. way of life than standing armies or, for that matter, terrorist attacks. We can all agree those ominous presences cause the average American to rest uneasily, but they are things perpetrated by outsiders–the Tea Party is rotting this country from within. Their views are often uneducated or based on religious rhetoric and/or fear. Take for instance their main battle cry “lower taxes.” Sounds great, but how exactly would they like us to do that? Should we cut defense, medicare, education? The Tea Party never seems to have an answer for that one. The truth is taxes are at all time historical lows already! Furthermore, we need the added tax monies from the wealthy to dig us out of this recession and pay for the tremendous debt run up by the Bush administration. It’s also important to mention not a single one of them makes over $250,000 dollars a year, so none of them will even be affected by the tax hike anyway. Truth be told most of them will actually be receiving tax cuts this year.

Now let’s take there second favorite battle cry “Obama is a socialist.” Are you serious Tea Party? Maybe you guys should all spend some time in pre-cold war Russia; then you can see what real socialism is all about. Who said capitalism was the best system anyway? Capitalism is the best policy for business–there is no doubt about that, but what about social issues like education or health care? You never hear a Tea Party memeber say let’s privatize the schools. When it comes to the open market, capitalism is king, but when it comes to things like health care and education, socialism is actually better. You see it’s not so much about the health care the wealthy are getting, I’m sure it’s great. It’s about the fact that a large part of the populace is getting no care at all. For one of the richest countries in the world to have an elite group of citizens getting exceptional health care while the rest get none is (ill put it in terms the Tea Party can understand) a sin. Health care is something that should be available for every citizen no matter what income bracket you are in, just like education. It’s also important to note that the current state of health care was and is unsustainable anyway. The insurance companies stand  in the way of you and your doctor, make the lion’s share of the money and provide absolutely no service at all. They are completely useless leaches and should be left to insure things that we actually need them to cover like cars, boats and super models’ legs.

Now let’s discuss the Tea Party’s third and biggest battle cry: religion. I’m going to refer to the Constitution on this one and the separation of church and state. Our founding fathers included the separation of church and state for a very specific reason. To protect freedom of religion and to assure that government decisions were based on logic and not religious fanaticism. The idea that Christine O’Donnell (Tea Party Candidate in Delaware) didn’t even know that the separation of church and state is in the Constitution is freaking ridiculous and should automatically disqualify her from office. Truth be told, if you believe that the earth was created in seven days, that Noah was 400 years old, or that burning bushes can speak, you are too stupid to be in politics. Why should the rest of the population have to pretend like these arguments are credible just because the Tea Party is so afraid of dying that they have bought into some ridiculous religious nonsense? This is exactly what the founding fathers were trying to prevent. This is the result of the GOP spending the last ten years pandering to the far right religious crazies to win elections. They stirred these people up with issues like gay marriage so that they could get elected and drop taxes for the rich and deregulate corporations. It was a good plan and it worked; under Bush the rich got richer, yet the downside was the middle class was destroyed. By pandering to these far right zealots they validated their eccentric religious views and now we have to face the aftermath.

Forcing us, the everyday people, to have to re-debate evolution and science when the jury was out on those issues 20 years ago is a critical waste of tax payers’ time and money. In all honesty, the Tea Party is just uninformed, short-sighted voters who have been conned by Republicans to vote against their own economic interest by wedge issues like gay marriage. The only upside is that while they are pushing their completely insane rhetoric and agenda, they are completely destroying the Republican party. The Grand Old Party is now split between semi-moderate, educated Republicans who were just greedy, and the totally insane, uneducated religious nuts who would be more likely to pray the economy gets better than to actually do anything about it. To say you’re a Tea Party member is akin to saying you’re an idiot, and if the intelligent people don’t get out to vote and the Tea Party does takes over Capitol Hill, it’s going to set this country back 50 years in an instant. So let’s go smart people! No more sitting on the sideline; we have to get in the game before logic and science become things of the past, and Congress starts reading the Bible for answers on public policy. So let me close by using the words of Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert: “let’s rally to restore sanity everyone!!!”