Hello good people of South Florida, and welcome to the March issue of the South Florida Chronicle. As always the Chronicle is pushing the technological envelope. This month is no different as we introduce the world to the first portled out newspaper. As you have probably already seen, there is a portal (or barcode) on every post as well as every full or half page advertisement. These portals are direct links to sflchronicle.com or the particular advertiser’s site, corresponding to the ad in which they appear in the paper.

The portals are activated with your smart phone; all you have to do is open up your barcode scanner app on your phone and then place the camera over the code…and voila! You will be instantly transported to the content of your choosing. The portals on the articles will bring you directly to more of your favorite Chronic author’s work on the website, while the portals on the advertisements will bring you directly to that ad’s website. Now, not only will the portals deliver direct web hits to our advertisers, but they will also make the South Florida Chronicle newspaper completely interactive for our readers.

We believe this change will not only make our paper more fun to read, but it will also allow us to send analog links to our readers for digital content on the web. In the upcoming months, you will see us start to use these portals in all kinds of different and new, exciting ways–from contests for concert tickets to hilarious viral video links. This is just the beginning as the Chronicle tech department has tons of surprises coming your way in the upcoming months. From everyone at the Chronicle team, we  would like to thank Joshua Shapiro, Charles Bordeaux and Joe Castiglione of Portal Technologies Global for all their hard work. Without you guys this wouldn’t have been possible. You’re welcome South Florida! To have portals added to your marketing plan don’t hesitate to call the South Florida Chronicle at 954.306.6309 or Portal Technologies Global at  305.791.0814.