What up Chronic Nation?

I’m always getting feedback via email or through the old school snail mail method, so I thought I would share the insights of some of the more colorful characters who respond to our content online and in the hard copy of The South Florida Chronicle. Here are two pieces I got this week and my letters of response back. If you have something you want to tell the Kid, you can always email me at kidchronic@sflchronicle.com or send me a letter a la Pony Express at P.O. box 460442 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33346. P.s., don’t be afraid to send naked pictures, as long as you’re a female and under 150 pounds!

Kid Chronic,

It’s bad enough that you probably vote but the thought that you can reproduce is…is…what’s the word…abhorrent will do for now.

It’s not that you are dumb – the facts would support that interpretation – it’s just that there’s so much you don’t know.

I don’t want to put too much of a burden on you so I’ll just focus on one thing.

New Years Resolution #5

“Believe in our scientist again.”


Weren’t scientist the really bright group who told us that the sun revolved around the earth? Weren’t they the guys who told us that tomatoes were poisonous? I forget. How did Lysenko’s plan for potatoes work out?

I am holding a cop of “The Population Bomb”. It was written in 1969. The author, Paul Ehrlich, PhD, was a really bright guy. He said the race was between the world starving to death or freezing to death by the year 2000. Don’t bother checking your calendar. It’s March 3, 2011. Plus, Lord Barack’s bottom line lady tells us that teenage obesity is the biggest problem this country has faced since the ominous confluence of the Bermuda Triangle and the treacherous leisure suit.

If I were to say that you couldn’t find your ass using both hands you would probably take it as a compliment.


Kevin Smith

Dear Kevin,

First let me say thanks for reading, I really do enjoy hearing from the public even if their views differ from mine, or in your case, reality. Now if you may allow me, I would like the chance to retort to this wonderfully insightful piece of snail mail you sent me. The book you speak of “The Population Bomb” was a bit of an alarmist book, and it most definitely has some inaccurate predictions in it. However, it hardly discredits science as a whole, in fact when interviewed recently, Paul and his wife Anne (an uncredited author of the book), said they still believe over population to be a serious issue for humanity–they just got the time wrong. They also said that they were happy with the book becuase it helped bring the issue into the national debate. However, I would agree this is not the best example of good scientists at work. The reality is scientists are people and as such are capable of making mistakes. That’s why we have the scientific method to find truth, through research and experimentation. To discredit all the great things science has brought us from airplanes to vaccines just becuase one scientist wrote a book with a few predictions that didn’t come true would be to ignore the bigger picture. You see, the beautiful thing about science Kevin is it’s true–whether you believe it or not. That’s why I said we should believe in our scientists again, becuase while everything your Congressman may tell you sounds true, whatever a scientist tells you, actually is. As for the Michelle Obama dig, I’d say she’s right…teenage obesity is a problem. Have you seen the kids today? If not, go to your local McDonald’s and hang out for a while; let me know what you see in your next letter. As for the leisure suit, I think they rock and I really don’t see why you had to bring them into this conversation. – KID CHRONIC

Hi Patrick – I am a snowbird from Toronto Canada who spends his winters here. I recently read your article “Chronic Congressional Gun Support” and it as wonderfully written and to the point and you should be in charge of changing the laws etc… as the others will find this to be sic and fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. We in Canada are appalled by the number of states that now allow concealed weapons to be carried and to be taken in to bars – clubs – schools and worse. Is this not the USA going backwards? Believe it or not, Canadians are wondering how far this can go here with dozens or so being shot at a time in public places. Simply because you can hide and/or carry a gun on your person in your car???  What happens if one of you gets angry or is on drugs or drunk? You see we don’t have shootings like this in Toronto with 5 million people – we have approx. 70 -75 killings a year which is like nothing to the USA major cities. Hopefully this changes, but for now we are not going to be coming back to Ft. Lauderdale for that reason amongst others – economy is so bad – businesses are closing – foreclosures everywhere. We have been approached so many times to buy here – why should we stick around and buy here when we know higher taxes are coming for Americans. Plus if we got sick here we could lose our the home and savings paying the hospital bills and be stuck in the USA. So sorry to have sounded off but Politicians in the USA are no better than the ones in other countries except in the way they keep going backwards its all very sick in our eyes.

The We have the best of the best in Canada and thank God I AM A CANADIAN.

I do hope you read this correctly – and I want you to know, we know Americans are not all like this, we have many American friends – and oh yes we are a gay couple and petrified at times in American cities, why should we live a life in fear? Dont Ask Dont Tell hahaha, we have had rights in Canada for years!

We are going home on Tuesday and will be happy to be in our own country. The USA is very scary!!!!

Thanks for listening

Frank DeTurse

Toronto Canada

Dear Frank,

I agree this country has a long way to go when it comes to gun control. I still don’t know why we let the NRA (made up of 4.3 million) dictate the gun laws for the rest of us 311.9 million, but hopefully that will change in the future. You also mention health care and gay rights; the two other issues America is still woefully behind on. You would think after trying to hold back African-Americans as well as women, we would have learned our lesson by now, but no. We continue to withhold rights from other people based on their minute differences. However, I wouldn’t start packing up for Canada just yet, the U.S. is still the best place in the world to live and I honestly wouldn’t trade it in for free health care, though I do believe universal health care to be a good idea based on the fact that insurance companies take in most of the health care profits and don’t even employ a single doctor. This couples with the fact that the current system is economically unsustainable. The problem with the U.S. right now is the system itself. There is so much corporate money involved in these elections that Capitol Hill has to sell out long before ever reaching office and must continue to sell out to stay in. They are not voting based on the peoples best interests; they are voting for the corporations. Because people don’t get you elected in this country anymore. Corporations get people elected because they have enough money to sway the uneducated populous. Yet even with this obviously rigged system, the free market has still managed to move us forward–just look at the progress we are making in hybrid cars. They’re everywhere now! So don’t count the U.S.A. out just yet; we are still the land of innovation and still the home of the American dream. So even if Washington is currently gridlocked, don’t be surprised if the country moves forward without them. Until then go play some ice hockey you crazy Canadian! – KID CHRONIC