This month we saw the horrific shooting of congresswoman Gabriella Gifford’s at a Congress On Your Corner rally in Tucson Arizona. During the attack six people were killed and 14 injured, among the deceased was a nine-year old girl and a federal judge. The attack was carried out by an unstable college drop out named Jarod Loughner. Loughner carried out the horrific act with a 9mm Glock featuring a 30 round clip he had purchased at a local store. The extended clip allowed Loughner to fire twenty-nine more shots after shooting Gifford’s before having to stop to reload. It was only at this crucial point, that bystanders were able to wrestle him to the ground after the gun jammed during the reloading process. The interesting or disturbing thing about the 30 round clip, is the fact that it was banned from 1994 to 2004 until George W. Bush let the ban expire, as part of the ban on assault weapons. To which I must say are you serious Washington? We already had this one beat. I mean honestly when is it ever a good idea to lift a ban on assault weapons? When’s the last time a hunter shot thirty rounds in a row when trying to kill a deer? Exactly, never. At this point I think its absolutely clear this kind of magazine is only used for hunting people. Violent attacks like the one in Tucson are exactly why the assault weapons ban was issued in the first place. It’s a sad state of affairs when our congress has to look itself in the mirror and say, this is our fault. We definitely knew better, we had laws in place to protect our citizens from this type of violent crime, and we dropped the ball and let them lapse. In another twisted turn of events, congress is trying to introduce new gun control bills to protect itself in the post shooting aftermath. Legislation like Republican Representative Dan Burton’s bill aimed at protecting congress with bullet proof Plexiglas partitions between members and the public viewing area on capital hill. Yet another is Representative Peter King whose new bill would make it illegal for anyone to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of public officials (like members of Congress). These are both fascinating positions considering that Burton received an A++ rating from the NRA last year and he also voted “no” on the assault weapons ban. King was no better, voting “no” on the Brady Hand Gun Bill and also voting “yes” on lowering the amount of days it takes to get a gun from five days to one. That’s Chronic Congressional Gun Support at an alarming level, both of these congressmen along with many others have been voting pro-gun for years. But now that one of their own has been the victim of the gun control laws that they themselves abandoned, their running scared. So instead of initiating bills for gun control for all there constituents, they have chosen to initiate bills that protect only themselves. This way they can still keep getting those fat campaign checks from the NRA. Basically, these guys are pro gun control, but only for politicians. Congress always seems to forget the fact that they are just ordinary citizens. Citizens who were chosen by the people to represent us on Capital Hill. We did not elect them to a life of safe upper class elitism where they forsake their constituents and do whatever is best for their political careers. Congress does not need, nor deserve special privileges when it comes to gun control. Especially when they have been instrumental in dismantling the gun control laws that have put us in this dangerous situation in the first place. How many more people have to die before congress stops letting the NRA (made up of 4.3 million) dictate the gun laws for the whole country (311.9 million)? If they don’t see the light after a member of congress and Federal judge were gunned down at a supermarket in broad daylight, with a weapon that they voted to legalize. Then it scares me to think what will actually have to happen for us to get real gun control in this country.