Christina Grimmie’s family and fans were disappointed that the late music┬ástar was not mentioned in the Teen Choice Awards even thought Grimmie was honoured with Teen Award Web Star.

While we are glad that Christina finally won her much-deserved Teen Choice Award, we are also definitely disappointed that her name was not mentioned at any point during the two-hour broadcast,’ said the source to Entertainment tonight.

Grimmie was a victim of gun violence, and yet there was no mention of her on the show, EVEN THOUGHT, during the show Jessica Alba came out to discuss the recent deaths by shootings.

Fans too to Twitter to post their disgust with the Teen Choice Awards for using Grimmie to draw in fans but never honoring her or even mentioning her during the show. Since then a petition has been created to urge Fox to apologize to Christina’s family for ‘disrespecting the star.’

Using her picture, name, and nomination to promote for weeks leading up to the live show and then actively choosing not to mention someone who meant so much to so many people is absolutely abhorrent,’ read the petition, written by one of her fans.

Christina was shot twice in the head and once in the chest by an obsessed, deranged fan during a meet-and-greet at her concert in Orlando back in June of this year.