The September issue of Vanity Fair features a very Lady Godiva-ish photo spread of another, ahem, Lady.

Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, dishes to the haute-couture mag about her dalliances with drugs and her irrational fear that a hot beef injection will sap her genius juices.

“I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina.”

Evidently her vadge is a portal to creative success if her recent record-breaking  VMA nominations are considered and seem to justify her not popping that coochie.

Lady Gaga has accumulated a total of 13 nominations, an MTV record for an artist in a single year, including best pop video, best dance music video, best female video and best choreography for her hit single, “Bad Romance.”

Gaga says that she is honored to have more nominations than anyone and is “.. even more proud it’s an unlucky number: 13.”

Lucky for Lady Gaga that this is 2010 and not 1610 or her talent-storing beaver would find itself  nominated 13 times for an old-fashioned burning at the stake for being a witch with a high likelihood that said stake would have to penetrate her snatch to effectively remove her evil and free Alejandro.

The VMA’s will be aired live on September 12 at 9 PM EST and so far MTV has not announced a “Most Creative Box” category.  [I wonder what the trophy for that would look like?  The spaceman MTV uses does look rather phallic…]