Chilean Miner Finishes New York City Marathon in Five Hours and 40 MinutesEdisan Pena (the trapped Chilean miner who ran through the tunnels of the mine in cut-off steel-toe boots to occupy his mind while waiting to be rescued) was invited to be a guest at the New York City Marathon this year by race organizers. Only instead of just watching, Pena insisted on racing, and race he did. The miner not only finished the course, but he finished in the top 50%! When approached by reporters after the race, Pena said, “First of all, I want to say that I would have run faster,” and ” I ran faster in the mines” how epic is that? These¬†guys are tough! I just wanted to reach out through the TV and say “hey don’t sweat it Chilean Miner; you just spent two and a half months at the bottom of a dank earthen hole…you don’t have anything to prove to us. We’re just happy you’re here!


image via Getty]