If you are all about that salt life, then this is the movie trailer you want to watch. This is just amazing. As you all know, my name is Fishman and I love the ocean. I’m so into corals and the way they live and eat, it’s an awesome thing to watch.
Coral Life is awesome. Check out this amazing movie trailer about Corals.

“Corals are marine invertebrates. They typically live in compact colonies of many identical individual polyps. The group includes the important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton.

A coral “group” is a colony of myriad genetically identical polyps. Each polyp is a sac-like animal typically only a few millimeters in diameter and a few centimeters in length. A set of tentacles surround a central mouth opening. An exoskeleton is excreted near the base. Over many generations, the colony thus creates a large skeleton that is characteristic of the species. Individual heads grow by asexual reproduction of polyps. Corals also breed sexually by spawning: polyps of the same species release gametes simultaneously over a period of one to several nights around a full moon.”

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