Oscar winner Charlize Theron plays the evil Queen Ravenna in the new film “The Huntsman: Winter’s War.” Theron tells TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer that she “Googled ‘evil queen’” to research her role as Queen Ravenna, whom she calls “a total nut bag.” She says her son Jackson fell a little bit in love with the ice queen, her friend and costar Emily Blunt.

All her latest roles are parts of tough women. And this one is no exception. She was chosen to play evil queen. And she says that when researching for the role, she tried instead of looking for justifications for her evil nature find out the true meaning of who she was and why she was the way she was and then letting her go and the crazy headcase.

A little problem was that Charlize developed a close friendship with the Ice Queen on the set. She says that they started talking the moment they saw each other and never stopped. She feels a little jealous because her son is “in love” with Emily Blunt and drives her crazy when they go by the movie posters with both women on them.

Charlize also advocates for equal pay for women on the screen. She admits that yes, Chris is as handsome and dreamy in life as on the screen. Nevertheless, she demanded equal compensation of $10 mil just as much as Hemsworth got, before starting shooting the movie.