It’s a sad day today as reality reached up and bitch slapped Charlie Sheen back to planet Earth. As crowds booed him off stage in Detroit Michigan, the first stop on his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option Show.” TMZ has just reported that people inside the theater are booing and walking out on the show. Sheen apparently opened with a Q&A session were he discussed everything from crack cocaine to which porn-stars he liked best. After that he showed clips of a network TV interview complaining about how he was screwed over by them and CBS. That’s when the crowd began booing and heckling Sheen off the stage. Sheen then tried to throw his boy Simon Rex on stage to rap which only served to infuriate the crowd more. Finally in a last ditch effort Sheen tried to calm the crowd by playing his new single “Winning” he just recorded with Snoop Dog but after neither one of them came out on stage for a live performance the crowd began to boo again. At this point the lights were turned on and most people filed out. Sheen did return back to the stage briefly, but turned right back around complaining about audio problems.