Basically I want to have a blog section that I can post some cool and interesting links on a few times a week..  You may see some funny pics, a tube vid, perhaps a link to the fucking recipe for apple pie. Either way, click the links.  I find them interesting, so I hope you will as well… And well, I hope you comment on them too… Oh yah.. BTW, the name charity case is because the Chronicle is too fuckin cheap to pay me for all these great Ideas I come up with… (wink). ! Who loves ya baby..

Since when did ABC become TMZ with that whole “hey let’s just act like we’re chilling out and are the coolest, hippest cats on the block while we make ruin of celebrity lives. ” Give me a break. We’re talking about a dog that says Batman when he barks here. You are supposed to be the best journalist in the world, and with everything going on , you give us a barking dog? You might wanna contact Kid Chronic and get a job with us…

One punch KO in Vegas Pool ..  Dude gets rocked …

Colossal Cleavage collection NSFW….Who knew geekers and tweekers were the real freakers?

Arab guilty of Rape for lying to get girl in the sheet.  I would have been beheaded by now.

Pictures from the filming of Transformers 3. What a mess.  Glad I didn’t have to clean that shit up.

Guy gets tased at Baseball game.  I got tased one time for fun.  Ended up not being fun.

Ridiculously good 3 year old playing drum.  When I was three I was already smashing bitches left and right.