Now yah see her,  now yah don’t… Man, as if seeing your girl house another man while you do nothing is bad enough.  Then she leaves your dumb ass in front of a million fans chanting that you are an “Asshole.”   Good job bro.. You are never getting a girlfriend again.. Well, you might, until she sees these videos…

But enough about assholes. The important thing is Jersey Shore is back tonight. Fist pumps, laundry and Grey goose..  For the rest of the summer.. (MTV)

108 gaudy guidettes. What makes a night better than soft core Guido Pron. (Coed Magazine)

Does I-Dosing really work? Asylum staff members show you whats up. It worked for me, what did you think I was doing when I wrote this.. ? (Asylum)

10 things that last longer than a Mel Gibson sexual encounter. I bet a Louisville recruiting trip is not up there right now. (Guyism)

Between two ferns with Zach and Steve Carell. All of these are solid. (Screen Junkies)

Clearly everyone deserves second chances. That’s why they made Titanic 2, good stuff. (Youtube)

Chewbacca riding a squirrel, killing Nazi’s. Sounds about right. (Working Man’s Diary)

10 photos Chivers love submitting. Some are what I like to call a “mindfuck.” (The Chive)

Fat Canadian shotguns 16 beers in 5 minutes. Little 5% alcohol never hurt anybody. (Barstool NYC)

6 manliest drinks of all time. Those are not the guys I would picture enjoying Absinthe. (Holy Taco)

Press Conference mashup done by DJ Steve Porter. It’s ballin. (Youtube)

And here are some nice ass pics to brighten your day…..