Today’s links are a tribute to the people who make life simple. Who do stupid stuff to make us laugh.. And most importantly, embarrass the hell out of themselves..

Ron Artest playing dodgeball and doing his best not to say, “Damn them niggas is crazy.”  (Guyism)

The many faces of Bud Selig [unathletic]
Terrence ‘Man Boobs’ Cody failed conditioning test [Sportress of Blogitude]
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It is just not Lane Kiffin’s year [The Big Lead]
Holy sh!t, I wish I could do that in ultimate frisbee [Guyism]
25 epic belly flop videos [Holy Taco]
A whale will demolish a sailboat any day [Regretful Morning]
Didn’t know wood could feel so good [Totally Crap]
The five grossest stadiums in America to buy food [Asylum]
10 reasons why Office Jobs suck [EgoTV]
Top 10 hottest Victoria’s Secret models [Gunaxin]
Katie Cleary poses in a bikini [Don Chavez]
Blake Lively struts her sexy stuff [Popoholic]
Wow those are some nice tooshies [Funtasticus]
Tatas and bass, such a nice combination [Coed]