First and foremost….    Chelsea tied the knot..  Next week.  Chelsea gets divorced…

Why not get the day rolling with new 32Js & Wendy Combattante [Don Chavez]

In case you missed it the first time: Photos of Snooki being arrested, I mean assaulted [BroBible]

Video: Cops break out guns on Tyreke Evans & his purple Mercedes [The Angry T]

Tough read….  Mike Tyson talks about doing Hangover for his drug habit [SRI]

Former Dolphins cheerleader turned naked chick – Jaime Edmondson – takes you on a tour of the Playboy grundle hole…  [The Smoking Jacket]

Dream comes true for the biggest loser in the world! Cardinals cheerleader boobies! [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

The Patriots haze their rookies? Say it ain’t so..  [Larry Brown]

Carmelo Anthony showing his inner Jimmy Johnson [YouBeenBlinded]

The LeBron James billboard that cost $3k ..  Man, I ain’t never doing any thing wrong if I’m in Cleveland..  [Out of Bounds]

Ever see a chick teabagging a passed out drunk guy? Why would she do this to herself? [JerseyChaser]

Ever see a chick with a cupcake bra? Now you have..  Send that….   [DJ Mick]

First the boob comes out then the clam??  Your right to stardom??  [CelebSlam]

NOT SAFE FOR WORK..  AT ALL…   38 Wife-Beater Wearing Hot Chicks [Coed]

I love the randomness of the Beer Goggler.. [The Beer Goggler]

Just wanted to let you know what I find funny, and WHAT I DON’T..  Boring… [DeadArm]