James Corden a host of the Late Show with James Corden has a game called Cell Phone Profile. His producers took a phone of one of his guests and he is supposed ot guess whose phone it is by the answers of these people. He is given a song, photo and text from the phone and asking them to explain the story behind each item he needs to figure out to whom the phone belongs.

This episode deals with the cast of Huntsman: Winter’s War. James Corden is presented with a song, photo and text message from one of the phones of a Huntsman: Winter’s War cast member and he must guess the owner of the phone.

Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth are asked to explain a song by Katy Perry “Fireworks”, photo of a naked dude in front of a donkey in an awkward pose, and a text message: “Stop sleeping or your getting fat.”

The episode is worth watching as you will get a good laugh listening to the insane explanations actors come up with and you will never guess whose phone it was until the very end, guaranteed!