03/23/2010 - Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi in LA

   The Bachelor and DWTS Jake Pavelka and his new fiance (whom he proposed to on the season finale of “The Bachelor”) were spotted strolling down the street on Robinson Avenue in L.A., on Tuesday, March 24.  The couple is currently moving to Los Angeles to accomodate Jake’s rigorous and time consuming rehearsal time for DWTS.   

Tanya Douglas says Jake professed his love to her after he proposed to Vienna and was faking all of it!

   Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Tanya Douglas, whom he left to star on “The Bachelor”, insists that Jake only went on the show for fame and money, and his engagement to Vienna is not only a farce but a ploy to stay in the limelight for as long as possible.  She has recently told the media (with proof of phone records) that Jake tried to contact her many times during December (after he already proposed to Vienna).  Tanya insists that the two were planning on marrying before Jake got the opportunity to take the role on the show.  Tanya has informed leading tabloid magazines that Jake contacts her every time he wants to snap back into reality, but she told HIM not to contact HER anymore.  I don’t know, but it sounds like someone is lying….and it is probably the jealous hater, upset she is not wearing the $70,000 wedding ring Vienna continuously rocks in her paparazzi photos!!!   

The Weinstein Company Pre-Oscar party in West Hollywood, Calif.

   Despite these rumors, the couple looks genuinely happy and seems to be going strong.  I don’t know about you all, but I watched “The Bachelor” week after week.  Jake seems genuine, and Vienna (although hated by most) also seems to truly love Jake.  They cannot seem to wipe those smirks off their faces…and the blatant look of love is SO VERY hard to fake.  Jake and Vienna have that distinct look.