Just one day after being crowned Miss USA, some questionable photos of Rima Fakih have emerged. It was just yesterday that Rima Fakih was named Miss USA in the 2010 Miss USA beauty pageant. But today Miss Michigan is taking some heat. Pictures of her grinding on a pole have been circulating the internet, and people are wondering if she will lose her crown just one day after putting it on for the first time. It’s not like this is the first time this has happened; in 2007, the reigning Miss USA, Katie Rees, lost her crown due to scandalous photos.

The pictures came from 2007, when Fakih was competing in a Stripper 101 competition run by a radio station in Detroit. She is fully clothed with dollar bills stuffed in her bra, dancing seductively on the pole. This is, perhaps, no more scandalous than the lingerie portion of the Miss USA competition, in which the contestants model in way less clothing than the new Miss USA wore in 2007, as she danced her victory dance around the pole after winning the Stripper 101 competition. Donald Trump refers to the skimpy lingerie as artsy, proving there should be absolutely no issue with Fakih dancing clothed, simply near a stripper pole. Of course, haters emerge after a single day considering the fact that these pictures have been circling the web prior to the Miss USA event. Some hater brought them to the forefront…hopefully it will not cost Fima her crown.