Another happy client of CBR Towing

Owning a boat can be one of the most rewarding things a person can experience. Towing it, however, is always a hassle. Whether you’re just taking your boat out of the water for a good cleaning or transporting it down to the Keys for the weekend, hauling a boat is always the worst part of the day. That’s why in South Florida, we’re lucky to have the pros at CBR Towing and Recovery right here in our own backyard.

CBR’s home base is here in good old Fort Lauderdale, the yacht and boat capital of the world. The wealth of experience they have accrued here lets you know that you can trust them with the finest of vessels. They are also conveniently located on State Road 84 in the heart of the marine industry. What sets CBR apart from other tow companies is their exceptional customer service. This, combined with their customized boat services, makes them a favorite of boaters everywhere.

CBR offers a host of boater friendly services:

Pleasure Hauling: (Their Flagship Service) CBR will transport your boat to and from the ramp on any day you feel like boating and will even fuel you up if need be.

Rescue Recovery: If you have had a little too much sun or a little too much to drink, no problem. Let CBR pick you up from anywhere in South Florida and they will see to it that your vessel makes it home safely and you don’t get a DUI. Never try to tow a boat after drinking!

Keys with Ease: CBR will transport your vessel to the Keys on Thursday before you head down for the weekend. Your vessel will be stored at a secure location, all fueled up and ready for your arrival on Friday. When your fun on the water is done, CBR will pick up your craft and return it, clean and ready to store on Sunday. This service is available for all the Lower and Upper Keys.

Trailer Repairs and Hauling: If your trailer is in need of maintenance or is broken down on the side of the road, call CBR to come and fix it on site or even load it onto their specialty transport system to get the boat and the trailer home.

Mobile Diesel Repair: CBR offers a complete marine repair service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Long Haul Services: With service to NJ, NY, Maine and just about everywhere else in the U.S., CBR is one of the most trusted long-haulers in the nation. Let them move your vessel south for the winter and back up north for the summer.

So remember folks, next time you’ve had a little too much to drink on the water or the tide is low and the ramp is slippery, don’t take any chances. Call CBR Towing and Recovery and let their 24-hour-a-day friendly staff get you and your vessel home safely. Also remember, no matter what your boat transport needs are, CBR is the company you can trust. Your boat is one of your most valuable assets-don’t leave it in the hands of amateurs. The team at CBR Towing & Recovery has a combined century of towing experience between them, so you can rest assured your vessel is in the best hands possible. To reach the boys at CBR Towing & Recovery simply call Kevin at (954) 213-3871, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and let them take it from there. Happy boating everyone!