After getting blown out by the Warriors in the NBA Finals for the second game in a row, the Cavaliers weren’t feeling too good about themselves Sunday night. Were some of the players toking up to ease the pain?

According to two legit NBA reporters – The Undefeated’s Mike Wise and ESPN’S Brian Windhorst – the Cavs locker room smelled like weed after Golden State’s 132-113 Game 2 win at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

While Wise and Windhorst were both sure someone was smoking weed, neither knew who was smoking weed. There are lots of people other than players milling around NBA locker rooms after games, so it could have been anybody.

Here’s Windhorst confirming Wise’s account.

“There was a smell of marijuana in the Cavs locker room. but there are two doors to that locker room and there were three times as many media there,” Windy said. “… I did smell marijuana in that locker room, but I have no idea where it came from.”

So there’s no indication it was players who were the ones doing the smoking, but we’ll forgive you if immediately thought of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.  Some thought Love and Irving were mimicking smoking a joint during this handshake in 2014.  But that’s so not what they were doing, the Cavs insisted – they were actually twisting their  mustaches (via Bleacher Report).

Weed is legal in California. It is not, as Windhorst points out, legal by NBA standards. It’s not a policy, though, the league enforces with too much vigor.

Windhorst’s colleague, Jalen Rose, spoke like a man who knows a thing or two about weed, noting vaporizers make it very easy to sneak a few hits these days.

Rose, a former NBA player, also has no problem with the Cavs imbibing in a post-game sesh, if in fact, it was players who were the ones smoking,

“After the game, it’s no different than going to dinner, having drinks, having wine, or anything else,” Rose said. “If it’s legal – you’re in California and you’re an adult – you have the opportunity to do it.”

Preach, Jalen, preach.