Danielle Bregoli who became famous for being the worlds worst kid is now set to get her own reality TV show.

It is being reported that Bregoli is fielding offers from up to four different reality TV studios about her own show. This all makes sense being that she is must see TV. The 13 year old from Florida will make you want to punch your television on a weekly basis starting soon.

If Bregoli was to take the offer for a reality show her and her mother would most likely relocate to Hollywood to capitalize on their new found fame.

I can understand the business side of this as Bregoli would draw in a solid following with her own show, but what is this really teaching all the kids across the country? Should a child who acts out and disrespects adults be rewarded for her bad behavior? She is no role model. Bregoli at some point will most likely end up in a detention center, but in the mean time she will be paid a ton of money to act like the fool she is.