Noooooooo, Not Cash Me Outside Girl!!!

She is my fave internet du jour.

You see that’s the thing about talking shit all the time. Eventually someone pulls your card and you have to back up all that shit talking with actual action.

I guess that’s what must have happened to my favorite internet celebrity the Cash Me Outside Girl, Danielle Bregoli. Since this video starts with Bregoli running from someone in the streets like her hair is on fire. Then eventually the larger girl catches up to her and gives her the business.

Hopefully this little street fight doesn’t take our anti-hero out of the game. Watching this girl’s train wreck life on the internet is like the best entertainment I have had since the OJ mini series!

UPDATE: Cash Me Outside Girl has now told TMZ that it is not her in the video, it’s a look a like. Damn! Now that poor look a like is featured in the most popular internet fight video of all time. Just because she looks like the Cash Me Outside girl!