Breitbart– Police said Wednesday they were astonished to find at least 14 wild black bears guarding an illegal marijuana growing operation after a recent raid on the property in westernmost Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Fred Mansveld said police believe two growers arrested in the raid had used dog food to lure the animals onto the remote property in southeastern British Columbia, to deter marijuana thieves. Police commonly find dogs, human guards or booby-traps on Canadian marijuana growing operations or “grow-ops.” In comparison, these bears did a very poor job as guard animals when five policemen arrived. “They were tame; they just sat around watching…at one point, one of the bears climbed onto the hood of a police car, sat there for a bit and then jumped off,” said Mansveld.  

This reminds me of this great movie I watched (see below) called “The Green Rush”, an independant, underground film about a family of growers out in Northern California. At one point they talk about bears. However, they claim the bears eat the crops, so they hope not to have to “kill a bear.”   

Look, I’m just as happy as the next guy to see some weed growing wild. But to kill animals in their natural habitat because of greed doesn’t jive right with me…I’m cool with making them do some work though. Feed ’em dog food and shit and they protect your crops. But it makes me wonder…The bears “appeared to be tame” and “At one point the bear climbed on the hood of the car” hahahaha…Dude, yeah. Because they were freaking stoned. They do eat crops. They actually love pot. Bears love pot! 




If you don’t have time to watch the whole Hulu documentary above. Then watch this quick excerpt, umm,  below… Although at some point I recommend watching the whole thing.