Plants do not have complex sensory or nervous systems the way animals do. They do not move around and seem very passive. So they surely cannot talk to each other, or can they? According to author Richard Karban, the improbable is actually probable.

According to Karban, when a plant is damaged it sends chemical signals, either through the air or through the soil, to other neighboring plants.

Ever wonder why your grass smells right after you cut it? It is the result of these chemicals being released into the air.

Once a plant senses the chemical signal it has received, it adjusts it’s own interior molecular structure and readies itself for the impending attack. This results in the plant growing branches and leaves more quickly as well as releasing insect like repellant to ward off predators.

So the next time you are at a dinner party and want to impress your fellow guests, just remember plants, like humans, do communicate with each other. It sounds crazy, but it’s really just science.