People often ask, “Chef, are you a God fearing man?” People always ask me that. It’s like I have the word SINNER stamped on my forehead. Well, Jesus Fucking Christ and Fuck You and FUCK YOU, tooooo…. I am am done with Church. Until I’m 65. When I retire. I will go back to church because by that time I will have sinned. Yes, I am a defunct Catholic who never made my confirmation because I was too busy preparing myself to be a wreck loose teenager who smoked pot and drove my car really really fast through neighborhoods. OKAY? Is that so bad…  Im still here aren’t I. Shit. if you want to know the reason I don’t go to church is because of this.  This big ass motherfuckin camel.  Just a falling all over people and shit. Destroying pews. Taking 5. Mofo doesn’t even get up either. He’s like, “Wheres my fucking blood. I want my blood.. And pass the wafers too. You SINNERS!” I love how he just sits there. Won’t budge. Ain’t budging like, “Sing now bitch. Try singing Amazing Grace now. Sing that HYMN, you wench…! Where’s God now slu….? Ahhh. Okay, that’s enough, now bring me back to the desert.”