Cam Newton who is a famous quarterback and is in the spotlight for being a very good quarter back and winning the Super Bowl is reportedly being sued. TMZ reports that the superstar rented a huge mansion after he won and threw multiple huge parties that were complete ragers. The mansion he rented was in Beverly Hills and according to the law suit, he caused $100K in damage to the Beverly Hills mansion. Now he may be paying the price. The mansion is an eleven million dollar mansion and looks super nice and comfortable and luxurious so  it is no wonder a superstar like Cam wanted to party there.

The owner Jared is now suing Cam because he did the damage and is suing him for the 100K but also an additional 180K because of lost rent that he lost because he could not rent it out because it was so badly damaged. He rented the place out for 61 days at the price of 123 thousand dollars and the rules were that he couldn’t have any parties and only have a maximum of 8 guests.