A Costa Mesa police officer went to ticket a parked vehicle when he realized there was a corpse decomposing in the car’s passenger seat. The car was owned by a 57-year-old woman and was so hot it actually mummified the body. When asked about the corpse in her vehicle, the owner of the car told police that she had been letting a homeless person named Signe sleep in the vehicle at night. Then when she came out to use the vehicle one day she found the homeless woman dead in the passenger seat. Here’s where it gets weird…the lady then continued to drive the vehicle with the corpse propped up like a living person for the next┬áten months! She even changed its clothes. When asked about the smell, the woman said her elderly father used to defecate and urinate in the car so she was immune to the overpowering odor. Police have decided not to charge the woman with a crime as of yet, and in a bizarre case of irony this all hits the news mere days before Halloween. Below is the KTLA news story about this most unusual turn of events.