According to the Siskiyou County prosecutors office a woman from California has been arrested for engaging in sexual acts with three members of the Mount Shasta High School football team.

Mary Fletcher, 42, who also goes by the name of Debbie. She allegedly seduced the teenagers who she met while working along side their photographer.

Fletcher was caught after an unidentified person called in and informed the police of the matter last September.

The district attorney has spoken to the individuals who’s ages were not released at this time.

“Ya know, these cases are always challenging,”  “I mean especially for a young person that are by definition not prepared for this kind of relationship. Relationship is probably the wrong word but they’re not prepared for this kind of interaction with an adult.” The district went on to say.

Fletcher has been booked to the Siskiyou County Jail on $10,000 bond and will appear in court for arraignment March 22.