"Hey you down there...! Throw me up a blanket will yah.."

Clickorlando.com – You can drive from Minnesota to Mexico on Interstate-35. That’s more than 1,500 miles. But until April 27, you couldn’t see a homeless man smiling down at you from a 50-foot tall billboard alongside the highway. It all started when Danny and his wife Maggie were robbed at a Salvation Army. They had come to Austin, Texas looking for work but lost everything at the homeless shelter — including their identification cards, which made it nearly impossible to find work. Maggie had no family to call on and Danny was too proud to ask his for help, so they ended up homeless for the next 15 years. Things worsened five years ago when Maggie suffered from a stroke that left her handicapped. Today, they live in a tent on the north side of town and panhandle for cash. But 1,200 texts of $10 can get them into a home through the organization Mobile Loaves & Fishes‘ (MLF) I Am Here Campaign. The nonprofit teamed up with integrated marketing firm T3 and Reagan Outdoor to put Danny alongside MLF founder Alan Graham physically standing up on a billboard for 48 hours, under the words “I am Danny. I am homeless. I am here. Text ‘Danny’ to 20222 to donate $10.”

Now here is a perfect example of how to be a proper bum… They have put their noses to the grind stone and come up with an ingenious way to raise enough money to put down on a new double wide for their homeless family that was robbed dry of everything they owned, even though they owned nothing at the time of the robbery….You know…It’s the nice bums like Danny and Maggie that end up getting the local support. These bums get the trailer, end up all teary eyed on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and then years later win the Powerball for $425 Million dollars….Never count out karma man, it’s a son of a bitch…+10 points for being productive bums…


"Go ahead, park where ever you see a space.."

BOSTON (FOX 25 ) – Two homeless men were arrested for allegedly trying to rent out parking spaces in an MBTA employee lot. The two men, Daniel Campbell, 47, and Thomas Fitzpatrick, 43, were renting out spaces for $30 each in a parking lot in North Station for the Celtics playoff game Tuesday night. They were caught after veteran Orange Line inspector Gregory Lowe noticed the two men acting suspiciously and contacted the transit police. Campbell and Fitzpatrick were able to scam two people into paying for the spots. Police arrived during the second transaction. The two men, who both have extensive police records, are being held on $1000 bail. The two scam victims were allowed to keep the spots, according to police.

Got to admit that’s a pretty good scam. I mean if I didn’t know what was going on I’d totally park there. Which obviously begs the question; how did these guys only scam 2 people? Like how do you have the brains to come up with this, and only trick two cars? That seems almost impossible. Obviously they half assed the whole thing from the get-go. You got to put on orange vests and just start waving motherfuckers in with those flashlight things they got. Come on man, you do that for 20 minutes and then you get the hell out of dodge. Guaranteed $1,000 bucks or so. These are the bums that find a duffel bag full of money and take it to Atlantic city then lose it all in three hours.. Karma man, karma…… -25 points for being completely retahded Boston bums….