3news.com – Three people died and 37 others were injured when a bullfight went awry in Colombia, according to local media. Amateur video shot at the scene of the bullfighting shows the bull goring people as well as throwing them of its back. The bullfight took place in the municipality of Sabanalarga, in the northern state of Atlantico. One man was killed in the ring, the other two died at a nearby hospital.

And this is exactly why I don’t drink when I go to contact sporting events. One minute I’m watching gladiators go at each other, then the next minute I get superman beer muscles and it’s off to the races. One thing I can never do is sit still when I’m drinking. Imagine being Mexican? Two of the former cooks I worked with did the work of five men in the kitchen. After work we would get drinks and they still ran around looking for things to do. It’s like they breed just to drink cerveza and dance around hats. Or as you can see below. They like to fuck with bulls.