According to Money Magazine, states that have legalized sweet, sweet, sweetsweetsweet Mary Jane are experiencing a plunge in beer sales. Correlation?? Yes. Or is it coronation… “these things are connected, so this meant that things are coronated… hey bud, don’t bogart that joi-“.

Now, does this mean a hit on the entire beer industry? Or just a hit on the big bad Budweiser boys? Well, according to recent studies, it’s the Budweisers and the Millers of the world that are losing to the bongs and the blunts. According to the study, “Sales of Coors Light and Bud Light have dipped by 4.4% in CO and WA”.

Do you know what Americans have historically CHERISHED in Colorado and Washington state? Guns! No, well yes guns, but moreover – BEER. They love their beer. They love beer, and they brew it everywhere in small and large batches. They love weed too, though. Bim bam, they love their weed.

Are Americans foregoing their craft beer for their craft weed? Maybe. When purchasing a cool pack of marijuana cigarettes at the “weed store” is as easy as going across the street for a gas station six pack of silver bullets… a new trend may be a swinging. Could “craft dispensaries” be the new craft breweries? Could we maybe combine them, and just cannonball all over God’s green Earth??

Will we see a new age in America, where Sam Adams offers a cold pint alongside a “Boston Bluntski”? Or Lagunitas offers an IPA with a “bong, you-need-us”? Yeah, that’s a stretch on the word play… But as the ever-growing legalization initiative spreads state to state, the upsides are apparent. If the global beer brands can’t be chipped away from a strong local brewery, maybe the legal long joint is the secret weapon to balancing out the national beer landscape. Are buds supplanting Buds?