Brock Lesner

Heavyweight champ in the fight of his life

UFC heavyweight champ and human phenom Brock Lesner may never fight again. That’s according to reports and comments from UFC president Dana White. Lesner, a former professional wrestler and defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings, was hospitalized around November 14th, reportedly for mononucleosis, and forced to cancel a scheduled championship fight with Shane Carwin. After the diagnoses Lesner was reportedly “bummed out” and went to Canada to rest. While in Canada he collapsed and was hospitalized. Reports suggest that the original diagnoses was incorrect, and that Lesner, 32, may be suffering from diverticulitis, a rare undisclosed intestinal disorder that could require major surgery. The UFC’s White went on to say that he is hoping to move Lesner to the Mayo clinic, where White believes he will receive the best possible care.