New information is coming out in the Brittany Murphy story. Apparently during the time leading up to her death, the starlet was receiving up to 200 pills a month. The pills, ranging from Vicodin, to Clonazepam and Klonopin, were prescribed by a Dr. Richard Kroop. According to TMZ, police investigators visited Kroop about the case last week. There has been no word yet on whether or not charges will be filed. Murphy and her family were filling the hefty scripts at Eddie’s Pharmacy in West Hollywood, where Murphy would use the alias of Lola Manilow Murphy to disguise her identity– that is until four months before her tragic death when Eddie’s Pharmacy abruptly cut off the star’s pill supply. When asked why they stopped filling Murphy’s scripts, Eddie’s told TMZ “We thought there was going to be an accident there.” Lola Manilow Murphy’s average monthly pill order: 200 Vicoden and 100 Clonazepam or 300 Vicoprofen and 100 Klonopin.