Britney Spears is a famous pop singer and has had quite the interesting career. Britney was a huge popstar in the nineties and early 2000’s with huge hits that made it famous all over the world. Britney then had some crazy incidents and married a backup dancer who took advantage of her. The media has always hounded her and took photos of whatever she was doing and she was pretty crazy so the news stations loved it. 2007 was her worst year where she went completely crazy.

The scene shown by TMZ is a scene from Lifetime’s biopic of the pop star. It is a famous part

of her life where Britney had a complete meltdown and started screaming hysterically and trying to attack reporters. Lifetime is filming this biopic in Vancouver for whatever reason. Lifetime is not known for quality movies but they are known for doing random biopics about things and this seems like something totally up her alley.