" Think of all the chicks who will want to be my friend."

"Almost a Fallen Angel.."

People.com – “Let’s be honest, I wanted to be a rock star for two reasons,” Bret Michaels, 47, told PEOPLE. “To meet women and to live life on my own terms.” And he’s done just that: The Poison singer fronted one of the biggest glam-metal bands in the ’80s, then wooed a new generation of fans with his reality TV show Rock of Love. Now the father of two has hit another milestone: bouncing back from a life-threatening brain hemorrhage. “I am so thankful,” he tells PEOPLE. “I’m lucky to be alive.” Sporting lipstick, eyeliner – and hair teased to there! – Michaels (here, performing in 1986 a month before the release of their breakout Look What the Cat Dragged In) led Poison to sell more than 10 million albums. “The fact that I’m still good friends with the guys in Poison, and we still go out and play in the summertime is great,” Michaels said earlier this year about his mates C.C. DeVille, Ricki Rockett and Bobby Dall. The band is planning a 25th anniversary tour for next summer. Now Michaels is a devoted dad to Raine, 9, and Jorja, 5 (with girlfriend Kristi Gibson). When he suffered the hemorrhage, the rocker – who has struggled with diabetes – tells PEOPLE he was “sad thinking of my daughters growing up without me,” adding, “you focus on what becomes really important.”

And that’s getting laid. Metal, drugs, booze, and broads come easy to rock stars, and Bret was one of the best at it. I mean, let’s get straight to the point here. You did like a gazillion, yes gazillion is in spell check, ounces of blow from 1981 to 2001. That’s 20 years of hard core hangovers and living like Count mother fuckin Chocula. What did you think was going to happen? You could just go on your merry way, plucking your eyebrows and nationally banging out 27 porn stars? Whoaaaaa nelly. Man, you know… Just for 5 minutes I would like to be in your shoes with that kinda talent. You are a God, man. A legend and you almost died on us. I tell yah though, for a band putting out songs like “Every Rose” and “Talk Dirty To Me”, you sure did wear a lot of makeup. I was like 14 when you were doing that, and if it weren’t for my grandmother telling me you were the devil, I would have been going to Social Studies in leather chaps, wearing mascara and zebra gloves. Wow. Bret Micheals in a wheelchair at some undisclosed hospital in Phoenix. How was the tapioca there? Bet it beats Jello anyways. Did you even get to see “the light” a little bit? Man, for 20 years of rip roaring partying, I hope I at least get tapioca and a sponge bath from a hot nurse. But, I hope you do great in recovery. Seriously, The Chronicle loves you man, and we hope you do focus on what’s important now in your life. BTW, I can sing Every Rose word for word at Karaoke, and yes, it does get you laid….

~ Chef