Hello??? We want to get married too!! WTF is the problem???

First it was marijuana reform. Now gay marriage is up front and center in the great state of California. Wednesday afternoon, Chief U.S. District Judge, Vaughn Walker ruled that the same-sex marriage ban (Prop 8) violates the equal rights of gay and lesbian couples. The decision sets the stage for a promised appeal that appears destined for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Walker ordered that Proposition 8 should be immediately voided, and same-sex couples be given the chance to marry in California. However, the San Francisco judge also agreed to put his ruling on hold for at least two days to consider arguments on whether the state should be barred immediately from enforcing the ban.

While this does not mean that marriage licenses can be issued and gay / lesbian couples should run out and get married ASAP, it is a huge victory. One that shows the voice of the people and restores some faith that there is intelligence somewhere albeit small in our system. Keep your eye on this one as the nation will be talking. This could truly open the floodgates on this story on a national level.

Could we be on our way to seeing serious marijuana and equality reform very soon? Cross your fingers along with me, click your heels and say three times…It is 2010…It is 2010…It is 2010! Now open your eyes…what do you see??