– Astros fan Bo Wyble seemingly lacked chivalry when a foul ball came his way on Monday night — and now he lacks a girlfriend. Three days after a video showed Wyble jumping out of the way of an incoming line drive just before the ball struck his then-girlfriend on the arm, the two made an appearance on CBS’ “Early Show” on Thursday morning and announced they are no longer a couple.

But Sara Saco-Vertiz, the girl hit near the right elbow by Chris Johnson’s foul ball, insisted the breakup had nothing to do with what famously happened at Minute Maid Park. At the end of an interview with CBS’ Harry Smith, the two were asked if they were still together. Then, after looking at each other awkwardly, Sarco-Vertiz replied, “I mean, it’s not over because of the ball.” Then, she was cut off by Smith, who said, “There’s more than we want to know.”

The couple — or, ex-couple — admitted to moving down during the game to occupy those seats hugging the left-field line. Wyble maintained that he only moved out of the way because he lost the ball in the lights.

Wait, really?  Are you retarded or something?  Let me guess.  She got a bazillion calls from Television and agents wanting her to model, and speak and show her tits and basically sell the fuck out to the media..  You being the nice guy thaat you are, were like, “Go ahead honey – I just want you to be happy.”  Didn’t you Bo the Bailer?

Let me give you a little advice in these days of viral internet stardom because of youtube…  Don’t ever hook up with a smokeshow and let her get on the internet or news.  You let that bitch get hit by a ball and then you take her home and smash it like you own that shit and be like, yah bitch, damn right I let you get hit.. you need to learn what its like to be my bitch…

Now you don’t have shit and no girl will hook up with you because you pulled a bitch ass move and let her get hit.. Thats like saying you will go out to the bars and if some dude starts hitting on her, you will just go sit at the end of the bar and pound Jameson all night while she gets her ass ground down on the dance floor…

You don’t deserve her man..  She is basically getting bumped right to upper middle class overnight because of this..  She’s a totall smokeshow.. How many friends requests did she get on the Book in the last few days?

5 ways to tell if Sara Saco-Vertiz is going to sell out and become a super slut..

  1. She dumps Bo..  Check!
  2. She changes her profile pic to a sexy bikini shot.. Check!
  3. She goes on TV and wears something super sexy like white jeans and a shirt that shows her sweater puppies to the whole fucking world. Talks like she’s having an orgasim… Check!
  4. She can’t receive anymore friend requests on Facebook because she has gotten too many requests that they consider her being stalked..  Check!
  5. If you Google her name, before you get to her last name, it already auto completes and is the top pic,  Bo’s doesn’t even show up on the radar….