NY Post A Brazilian woman hit by a speeding car miraculously survived after being thrown 40 feet into the air. Surveillance video captured the moment the car slammed into the woman Saturday as she walked along a street in the city of Belem in Brazil. Brazilian news website G1.Globo.com reported that a neighbor was woken up at the sound of the 6 a.m. crash. The unidentified woman, who was returning home from work, can be seen on the hood of the car, then tossed into the sky before crashing back down to the street. The car screeched to a halt near the woman as she lay injured. The woman was taken to the hospital where she survived with just minor injuries to her arm and collarbone.

BOOOOOO YAH…Always look both ways…Now ya dead!

Wait, what? She only has a broken collarbone? What. The. Fuck? I got hit by a car in June, flew about four feet landed on my shoulder and I have multiple fractures to my clavicle and a cracked librium. I even saw the car coming, so I could brace for impact. This chick. Just  looking through her purse for keys and cell phone so she could drive like girls drive and BAM. Half a block later she is on her way to financial freedom.

I hope my law suit goes together. I really need that money…When I was young I had a bumper sticker on my car that asked people to hit me. Now that it’s happened, I realize you can’t just be like, “Oh you hit me. Pay me bitch.”