This morning I was on the couch in my boxers smoking a jay. As my mind drifted I began thinking about friendships and relationships and it occurred to me that having friends is like having a garden–much  tending and pruning is required to keep them healthy, happy and thriving. It’s the same way with friendships–as your friendship garden grows you’re going to have to do some tending and pruning. Some plants in your garden may just need trimming, while others will need to be picked like weeds. Now we all know picking weeds is never fun, especially for the weed, but it is necessary for the overall growth and happiness of your garden. When doing this its important to remember you pick the plants in your garden, they don’t pick you. After all, you are the gardener aren’t you? Therefore, make no apologies. With all the varietals of plants available for your garden, you should never be afraid to make room for new and better plants that suit you and make your world more aesthetically pleasing.  You may even opt to leave a spot of fertile ground open while you look for a perfect plant. Don’t be afraid to take your time in making your selection;  remember–there is no way to avoid getting weeds in your garden– it happens to the even the most experienced gardeners. The only thing one can do is be ready to pick them without hesitation. Remember–the diligent gardener deservedly reaps what he sows, so even though there are a plethora of different plants out there trying to get into your garden, it is your job to make sure only the healthiest, heartiest, most beautiful and most fruitful plants survive your pruning shears. After all, you are the gardener aren’t you?