Although there was no records set in Boston Marathon this year, it was still very eventful.

Two victims of the Boston marathon bombings in 2013, Patrick Downes and Adrianne Haslet,  crossed the marathon finish line running on their prosthetic legs marking a new milestone for themselves. Patrick finished the marathon finished the marathon in 5 hours and 56 minutes and ran straight into the arms of his wife Jess, whilst Adrianne made it to the finish line with a crowd of support at sun down.

Since the Boston bombings Downes and Haslet had been gradually training themselves for this moment where they would finally be able to cross the finish line leaving behind the unfortunate events that occurred when they last tried to finish the marathon. However, with sheer determination and bravery they were able to achieve their personal goal.

Haslet shared inspiring words in a CBS interview about running the marathon again:

 “I believe if you set your mind to something you can do it and I thank my parents for raising me that way… You can’t control what happens in your life but you can control how you handle it.”