What if I looked like this??


Contrary to what was being “reported” at the Daily Mail UK (a well-known and credible publication), there is no “recall” on the iPhone 4G. The source was a tweet from a fake Steve Jobs Twitter account. Apple hasn’t announced any plans to recall its new phone.  

The Twitter account @ceoSteveJobs is simply a parody — it even says so in the profile bio. If you take a look at the content of the tweets, it should be pretty obvious this was a bogus account. One post said, “I heard the CEO of AT&T got married recently. The service was great, but the reception was terrible.”  

Though you might be surprised that The Daily Mail ran a story based on a tweet from an account that is so obviously fake, it’s not the first time something like this has happened. That’s why Twitter implemented a system for verifying the accounts of important people and publications.