Collin Backowski’s body was found on Sunday at 8:45 a.m. under about 10 feet of snow on Mount Hood in norther Oregon. He had been missing since the tunnel collapsed Saturday afternoon. Five of his companions made it out alive and managed to call for help, they were however unable to dig through the thick snow and dig him out.

Backowski was with a group of six snowboarders ranging in ages from 24 to 29-years old. They were looking for places to snowboard and film. The men found an area where the glacier meets a rock talus slope and had tunnel was formed from melting.

Backwoski entered the tunnel with some of the other men when the tunnel collapsed. Two other men who were inside were struck by falling ice, neither of them were injured. Backwoski’s companions took pictures of the area just before the tunnel collapsed, giving searchers a better idea of where to look.

Hood River County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Tiffany Peterson says the searchers had to remove tons of snow and ice by hand.