Boccaccio, a famous Italian Mediterranean Kitchen, is located on Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv, with an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. My fiancé and I wined and dined watching the magnificent sunset. This beautiful restaurant is one of a kind, with rare works of art, murals and statues of beautiful women and other animals, the sculptures being the creations of Nitza Ben Shalom, the owner. All the culinary creations are the owner’s and her Chef, Eran Drori.
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We started out with Melanzane, which are grilled eggplant, mozzarella and tomatoes. It was fresh and flavorful.  We also had chicken liver, and let me tell you, when they first told me what it was I was very apprehensive. It was divine! It is very difficult to describe, but we paired it with crackers and it is something you must try. For our main course we had their Filet Boccaccio, which is veal filet in port and berries. It was my favorite part of the meal, very tender with a hint of sweet. We also had a delicious seafood pasta with shrimp, mussels, and calamari, in a tomato sauce. We finished off the meal with a fine Torino Parfait made with white and dark chocolate, marzipan, and topped with whipped cream with cherry amaretto sauce.

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Boccaccio is a wonderful date night and family night restaurant. The staff was wonderful and very informative. Our waitress Inbar took very good care of us and for that we thank you. We also want to thank the owner Nitza, for allowing us to get to know her, and feeding us some amazing Italian cuisine. If you find yourself in Tel Aviv, Israel make sure you check this place out. For more information and the to take a look at the whole menu check out Boccaccio’s website at

Their wonderful dishes alongside our rich wine menu would lift your mood and cause you to feel as though for a while you are in a dream, an Italian Dream…