Blue Marble Cocktails is completely shaking up the premixed cocktail world. Founder and Planetary Ambassador, Mr. Alan Miller said, “We noticed there were no quality premixed cocktails on the market, so we set out to make the best one the blue marble has ever seen!” Well Alan and his impressive team of award winning mixologists have done just that! Now you have a wide assortment of the World’s Best All Natural, Ultra-Premium, Ready-To-Drink, Pre-Mixed Cocktail’s!

They use absolutely the best ingredients found on Earth. The Earth, nicknamed “The Blue Marble” when viewed from space by the crew of Apollo 17 in 1972, became their symbol of what is pure and natural and reflects how they approached the creation of each and every cocktail that they craft for their loyal customer base and clients.

These ready-to-drink cocktails are perfectly measured and mixed preventing over pouring if you’re a bar or venue owner (ultimately increasing profits), they all taste amazing and even come in recyclable cans. With a small 200ml (6.78oz) can, the convenient size makes it the perfect addition for concession stands at your favorite concert, athletic event, tailgate, or get-togethers large and small. You literally can pop the top at a moment’s notice and enjoy a delicious refreshing Blue Marble Cocktail anywhere on the planet.

Blue Marble Cocktails is also giving back! For each can sold, a portion of proceeds will be donated to environmental initiatives keeping our blue marble blue. “It’s the least we can do for a planet that provides us with the all-natural ingredients that make our cocktails so delicious,” says Company Executive VP Danyelle Rabine.

Blue Marble Cocktails uses ultra-premium spirits with all-natural ingredients. No GMOs, artificial sweeteners, dyes or artificial preservatives are used to craft their incredible line of the best drinks you’ve ever tasted. They come in perfect single serve sized cans 200ml (6.78oz), have a unique and specific hand-crafted ultra-premium flavor and even come in environmentally friendly packaging. They truly thought of it all and the world needs to be prepared for simply the best, all-natural, ultra-premium, ready-to-drink cocktails on the planet.

The best ingredients make the best cocktails. That is why their cocktails taste so good! They use real ingredients found in nature and never the preservatives found in many ready-to-drink cocktails. Each of their delicious cocktails include the best fruits, vegetables, spices and extracts, and ultra-premium distilled spirits. Whether you’re on a plane, yacht or private island, concert, arena or stadium, or on the beach, by the pool or at home with friends, you can take these cans with you just about anywhere. Please remember to recycle and enjoy responsibly.

The Blue Marble team assembled is beyond impressive as well. “Alan and I have been friends and business partners for 15 years and once he told me about this opportunity I knew that I wanted to accelerate this platform through my experience and skill set,” says Brand Ambassador Greg Small.

Blue Marble Cocktail’s Brand New State-Of-The-Art Production Facility

Blue Marble has been exciting tastebuds and winning gold medal awards around the globe. To earn top tasting awards, you need an award-winning production facility. Blue Marble’s facility includes; office space, show room and its mixing and production warehouse. With the company’s growth in Indiana, Blue Marble Cocktails will be able to produce nearly 3 million cases, which includes 24 cans per case, of its all-natural, ultra-premium, ready-to-drink cocktails, and spirits. To achieve quantities of this mass, without sacrificing any taste, we have designed our facility to be state-of-the-art, and technologically advanced in every possible way, we use SAP as our MRP system to allow us to control inventory and QMS management.

By having in-house production, and not using a third-party co-packer to handle our product, we are able to easily control the quality of each can we send out of our warehouse. Along with SAP, to maintain our ultra-premium quality, we have SOP’s in place, to have a systematic approach to each step of our process, or ingredient used, for our cocktails and spirits. Every can is quality controlled with on-site regulatory systems and managers. The quality you want in the quantity you want.

Unlike most competitors, even beverage companies in general, they have created a facility that meets or exceeds TTB, FDA, and ATC regulatory guidelines. Blue Marble uses state-of-the-art and fully automated:

• Ultraviolet water treatment system as-well-as a multiple reverse osmosis “R/O” water system to decontaminate, regulate, and ensure each drop of water that goes into any product, is perfect.
• Fully automated canning system, customized specifically for Blue Marble
• State-of-the-art laser coding and batch control systems
• Nitrogen dosing to maintain can integrity
• Robotics to increase efficiency and work flow

This truly remarkable and futuristic production facility with robotics to increase efficiency and work flow is one-of-a-kind and is setting the staple for all future beverage production facilities.

Blue Marble Sponsorships

Blue Marble Cocktails has a professional Race for a Cause racing team, sponsored pro-athletes, like X Games Gold medalist Destin Cantrell, as well as the coolest and most creative employees that this day and age’s business world has to offer.
Blue Marble Cocktails, recently sponsored the World Series of Beach Volleyball World Finals. The World Series of Beach Volleyball brought together the world’s best beach volleyball players setting up to spike their way to victory. The World Series of Beach Volleyball was an unprecedented event featuring the world’s best beach volleyball players, chart-topping musical artists, Blue Marble Cocktails, and a variety of beach-related activities for an epic week of competition and fun in the sun. The event showcased athletes in an exciting new USA vs The World format. The tournament featured top USA and International Olympic athletes. “Passion for our product is the foundation of our values here at Blue Marble Cocktails. We are happy to sponsor athletes and events, that embody the values that we exemplify here at Blue Marble. Supporting individuals that show such conviction has always been one of our top priorities, as we are a family here and that passion throughout our entire team shines through in each and every one on our delicious cocktails,” says son of owner and Brand Manager, Alan Miller Jr.

Blue Marble’s Culture

One Company. One Team. One Passion.
Where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Blue Marble lives by the PLATINUM RULE – treat everyone as they’d like to be treated. Our culture represents giving back, paying forward, bringing awareness, and making the Blue Marble bluer. At Blue Marble, we are always striving to become better, whether it be with our product line to make every sip more memorable than the last, engaging with our employees daily to see what they need to make tasks and work flow everyday more efficient, as-well-as interacting with, and getting feedback from, the largest accounts all the way to a local consumer. The Blue Marble Cocktails team is a family, that represents experience, talent, passion, creativity, integrity, and is driven to deliver the absolute platinum standard in ultra-premium experiences.

One goal at Blue Marble Cocktails is to create a better cocktail. A cocktail ready-to-drink at a moment’s notice, tastes amazing, and comes in a recyclable container you can drink anywhere on the planet. More than the world’s best spirits and cocktails, Blue Marble Cocktails cares about the environment and our role in the future sustainability of our planet’s natural resources. Take a sip of our ultra-premium cocktails, and know we are committed to donating a portion of proceeds to global conservation and environmental initiatives to keep our blue marble blue. It’s the least we can do for a planet that provides us with the all-natural ingredients that make our cocktails so good.

We care just as much about our packaging as the contents in it. Blue Marble Cocktails supports global conservation and environmental initiatives through its “We Care” program. Through recycling, our cans make it back to the store shelf in as little as 60 days. Our exclusive use of aluminum cans reduces Blue Marble’s greenhouse gas emissions by 95%. Our SFI certified packaging contains 100% recycled paper, and within months of discarding one of our boxes it is back in circulation as a new recycled item. Each one of our boxes is marked so people know to recycle and keep the blue marble blue. We hope to continue to inspire like-minded citizens to not just support us by drinking Blue Marble Cocktails, but to get involved in your local community’s earth-focused organizations.

The facility/workspace is everything Blue Marble is, ultra-premium. We have incorporated a modern twist on the workspace: no dreadful cubicles, lively music throughout the entire facility, and allowing employees to not just wear one hat, or position, but allow our employees to be a part of many things. We have an amazing office! We host fun events for our team like; go-kart racing, pie eating contests, basketball tournaments, corn hole games, ping-pong matches, and much more, making everyday a great day at the office. We are on a journey of growth and building our most formidable assets: our brand, our global reach, and our determination to give everyone a cocktail that is ready-to-drink at a moment’s notice with all-natural ingredients, ultra-premium spirits, and amazing taste. There’s a sense of pride that comes from being a part of a journey, building a brand people love, and making the most of ourselves as a company and as individuals.
to environmental initiatives that help keep our blue marble blue.

Each day we’re developing meaningful and accelerated learning opportunities and anticipating the skills and resources we will need to meet our future demands. At Blue Marble, it’s our people who make the magic happen. Our job is to give the world an ultra-premium experience with every shake, pour and sip. It requires the vision, innovation and passion of every single one of the employees that step foot in our facility. We want our team to:

Their Commitment To The Blue Marble

Take a sip of their ultra-premium cocktails and know they are committed to donating a portion of proceeds to global conservation and environmental keeping our blue marble blue. We can’t do this alone. Their goal is to inspire like-minded ambassadors to get involved in local Earth-focused organizations.


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Join The High-Growth Trend Toward Natural Cocktails

Unlike other sweetened can brands that offer products containing dyes and low quality ingredients, Blue Marble Cocktails is the only brand-in-a-can offering ultra-premium quality and taste. Consumers are actively seeking quality cocktails made from quality ingredients free from anything artificial!

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(1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or
operate machinery, and may cause health problems.