The blizzard of 2016 is intensifying. This massive storm is expected to paralyze the East Coast. Over 3 feet of snow are expected to fall in Washington DC. And we have already seen what and inch and a half of snow did yesterday in Washington DC, paralyzing the roads for hours causing hundreds of accidents.

Winter storm warnings are rare in the South. But a mix of snow, sleet and rain overnight coated Little Rock, Arkansas causing multiple accidents and deaths related to that.

The blizzard is intensifying as it surges toward the East Coast. It is the beginning of a weekend that could paralyze the East Coast. Hundreds of schools are closed. People are stocking up on food and water in North Carolina, New York, Washington DC.

Trucks are being recruited even from Florida to North Carolina, in order to face this unprecedented snow blizzard that’s coming.

Omar Villafranca reports from Charlotte, North Carolina.