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Blake Ballard, The World’s Fastest Emerging Artist is Making a Style All His Own and Shining His Way All the Way to the Top!


I had the pleasure of speaking with this very funny, famous artist on the phone and learning more about him, his passions, and his beautiful, unique works of art.

For centuries artists have been trying to capture the beauty of the night sky in various forms. Well thanks to an innovative new artist and some cutting edge techniques that dream has become a reality in a truly breathtaking way! Blake Ballard, the king of the crystal world, is making big moves in the art scene! He will not explain his process in detail but he essentially incorporates sand and crystals in oil based acrylic paint on canvas. When it dries he paints a gorgeous iconic or custom image on top of the first few acrylic layers. He always starts with the right eye, then the nose, followed by the other eye. He says “eyes are the mirrors of the soul. If you can capture the light in the eyes, then you have a perfect piece.” He then incorporates black crystals so it shimmers like a million brilliant diamonds. Light radiates and dances off the crystals making every view from any angle absolutely spectacular! Each fine abstract painting is unique, unrepeatable and can’t be mass-produced or copied. The multiple layers of gorgeous toned crystals create incredible translucency, vibrancy and depth to each piece, sure to make a lasting impression on anyone!

There are no modern day artists that you can compare Blake to. He is that unique and you really need to see his art in person to understand and fully appreciate that! They are contemporary pieces made for contemporary offices, restaurants, homes, condos and apartments.

It comes to no surprise that famous celebrities like Kevin Garnett , Rajon Rondo, Jermaine O’neal, Josh Smith, Nene Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Toya And Eugene Harris of Married to Medicine on Bravo, Jacquelyn Siegel who is the Queen of Versailles and multiple others have commissioned him to do custom pieces for them.

“It is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process to paint over the crystal foundation”, he states. Other artists try to replicate this but no one even comes close. No one else even has the knowledge to create this type of art. Blake truly is a master and an innovator making his own path and creating his own style of art. It is very rare when someone breaks out of their shell and creates an entire new art form out of just their imagination and he is modest. Blake says “creative people are just people with a lot to offer to the rest of us.” He definitely gives other artists their deserved credit. There is a lot to say about a guy like that who is looking down now from the top.

Once he starts painting he doesn’t stop until the piece is completely done. It is such precise work that if he even drips a drop of paint on his work he has to start all over from scratch. If he finishes a huge piece and sees any imperfections in it he starts over from scratch. Blake is a perfectionist with an extraordinary imagination and a superb hand to paint beautiful details. His average piece is large, 5 feet by 4 feet, he is also working on a mega Marilyn 10’X8′, and he explained to me that his paintings look different in various lights including sunrise, midday, sunset and even under moonlight. Nighttime in the moonlight and from a short distance is when his pieces really come alive, because they are layered, it is an impression of the image. You really have to see his work in person to fully appreciate it. Pictures do not do it justice. So I recommend going into the most prestigious art gallery in Las Vegas called the Signature Gallery at the Venetian Hotel and soon to be displayed all across the country in places like Lake Tahoe and Hawaii. You can also travel directly to Atlanta to visit him in person. He does custom paintings as well as iconic images of celebrities from all over the world from all different time periods. Let Blake crystallize your beauty in paint for eternity!

His style and talents are so revered that top galleries in the country are begging him to sign exclusive contracts with them. People are already starting to copy him and even use his name and that only means one thing folks, Blake has made it! And he has only scratched the surface! There are even bigger things to come from this talented artist!

In his humble mindset he is still emerging, but the rest of the world knows him as a world famous artist that is on reality TV shows and paints for some pretty heavy hitters. He claims that “he isn’t famous, his art is”.

About Blake:

From birth Blake knew he was special. He was born on Frank Sinatra’s birthday, Dec 12th, at 5:55AM in room 555 in a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated Valedictorian from his High School, but admittedly jokes that he was only good at PE, Lunch and Art class. He said as a 70’s baby, he wasn’t too good at Math or English, but he is part Native American Indian so in his opinion that has always made him very creative in nature. He still speaks to his High School art teacher today and Blake says that she was a huge influence on him because she saw that he was a very talented man and believed in him and motivated him to succeed. He was all ramped up to go to the Georgia Art Institute when he suffered an unexpected family loss. He was forced to move to Los Angeles, and immediately got connected to some pretty famous individuals through a famous hairdresser Jose Eber. Through Jose, Blake met and used to hang out with huge celebrities like Farrah Fawcett and Cher. At a very young age, Blake had an old soul. He was constantly surrounded by very creative people and that probably helped him to create all that he did. At 19 he got a pretty solid taste for quality art while travelling to LA, Paris, Rome, and Greece. In the 1980s Blake studied under Richard Rowley, a famous Hollywood abstract artist. He worked as an apprentice for him and Frank Sinatra, Old Blue Eyes himself, became a huge fan of both Blake and Richard. Frank used to ask Richard regularly, “hey where is Blake? I really like his art.” Blake’s art was so good that he used to barter his art for hair supplies in his early career.

Shortly after his apprenticeship Blake’s father got sick. He is a Southern boy, family is everything to him, so he left the lime light in LA and moved back to Atlanta almost immediately.

He kept in touch with his LA friends and even sends them art to this day. Elvis Presleys, Bob Marleys, Liz Taylors, Marilyn Monroes, Michael Caines, Michael Jacksons, John Lennons, Beatles, Ray Charles’, Audrey Hepburns among others. He was sad about his father, but he really wanted to go back to Georgia to have a child and start his own legacy. Which he did, he now has a beautiful 24 year old daughter.

He said, “artists are just glorified house painters” which he coincidentally did for a short period of time back in Georgia. He also started doing portraits at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, where he was making around $1,000 a day just drawing people.

He then moved to Key West as a portrait artist, from 2005-2009. He claims he had a mid life crisis and being surrounded by great creative artists and galleries in Key West really help to set the stage for things to come for Blake.

He then moved back to Atlanta and started working very hard in the real world, because his daughter was having children. He had his back up against the wall so he buckled down, started doing crystal abstract expressionism and his work started selling fast. His first Marilyn Monroe painting sold in just 3 days. A huge black and white piece fully crystallized. His new style was born!

Since then, Blake met Chris and JoAnne Chrisman by doing portraits of their dog. They are affluent travelers who said they have never seen anything like his art before. They were instrumental in getting Blake in the Signature Gallery in Las Vegas where his art is currently portrayed today. Christi Olsen, manager of the Signature Gallery, also helped to get him in there. She said his pieces are exquisite and unique and that he should be charging way more than he currently does. Even a famous art appraiser from Florida who has been around since the 1970s said that he has never seen anything like this before. Art collectors, appraisers and dealers are all drooling over his work and want to represent him.

It’s a style all his own and now he is painting customs for royal families, sports celebrities, movie stars, entertainers, restaurant owners and reality stars.

He said, “his true passion is not creating portraits of iconic images, but of doing customs for regular everyday clients.”

For customs, you agree on a picture, a size, a price and he crystallizes the image in paint for you to last a lifetime.

He’s a commission artist, he doesn’t just sit and paint as a passion, his passion is to bring people to life, to essentially crystallize them.

Blake is a godly man as well. He said, “it is hard to do when you are hurting financially, but once you start tithing at church and put others in front of you, they start put you in front of themselves.”

Blake is a man of integrity and he says that he doesn’t work for any galleries, he works for his clients!

He has pieces all over the world now and you can have them shipped quickly and safely directly to your front door. Just look up Portraits by Blake on Facebook and Instagram or call 706-455-3310 today and ask for the man himself, Mr. Blake Ballard and find out why everyone from billionaires to common folk are commissioning him to captured their images in his beautiful and mesmerizing work, with his amazing creativity and unique utensils. Each original piece comes with a letter from the artist attesting to its authenticity and is signed with his iconic “Blake” painted autograph. His pieces are now selling for more than $10,000 each in galleries in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Lake Tahoe!

He loves the wow effect! That is his thing! “It’s a real high” he says, “it’s a rare privilege that for most people hardly ever comes around!” Let Blake Wow you today!!!

Enjoy the radiance,

Josh Leidolf