“Uuh, yuh I’ll take a pint of Gat, a Smithwicks, and a Harp. Yuh, all at once.”

“Sir, this is a breakfast restaurant.”

It may not be a stretch to order a pint with your Irish breakfast, but it isn’t necessarily customary. In Ireland, it’s traditional to order a “full breakfast” consisting of what we’ve comparably coined the “lumberjack” breakfast. Overseas, you might order a “full Irish” as they’ve been doing since the Victorian period (mid-late 19th century).

Behold the “Full Irish” according to the locals:

  1. Bacon rashers
  2. Pork sausages
  3. Fried eggs
  4. White pudding
  5. Black pudding
  6. Fried tomatoes
  7. Field mushrooms
  8. Baked beans
  9. Brown soda bread

What. Roll me out the door. White pudding? Black pudding? Rashers? Yes. All of it. Now. I think. Seriously though, I don’t want pudding for breakfast.

White pudding. A traditional meat dish of pork meat and fat, bread, oatmeal, and suet – encased in a large Irish sausage. It’s white apparently because blood isn’t a primary ingredient. Right, because blood’s a standard on the ingredients list.

Black pudding. Commonly known as a “blood sausage”. Mmm, thanks I’ll pass. Black pudding is similar to white pudding, but for the added critical ingredient of pork blood. The blood is the black.

Rashers. Irish for cured pork loin bacon. Yes.

The “Full Irish” seems like a big meal because it’s a bloody gigantic meal! The weight of the meal draws from the traditional farmer’s serving – loading up for a hard day’s work under the sun. You know how in the movies, mountain climbers boost their caloric intake at base camp? This is just like that: on the doorstep of a long, physically arduous day, with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to overcome. We’re talking the Kilimanjaro of potato crops.

Yeah you’re right. Potatoes aren’t crevasses, and plows aren’t ice shoes. But find yourself ambling down the cobblestoned streets of Killarney, or ducking into a local South FL Irish pub, and you’d better bring your appetite. Those blood sausages aren’t going to eat themselves…