A 16 year old black student for Louisiana was kicked out of class and refused lunch because his hair was like NFL star Odell Beckham.

Jaylon Sewell, who is an active leader in his church, a good student who has good grades, and a manager of the local football team in Neville High School in Monroe Louisiana, is being singled out because of his hair.

Jaylon’s family, in a formal complaint filed in November with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, alleged that the 16-year-old was discriminated against because he wasn’t allowed to attend class with dyed hair — “when white students with dyed hair were allowed to attend class.”

Jaylon and more than 20 other black students at Neville High School have been repeatedly targeted and harassed by school administrators for their hairstyles — including the Odell Beckham style, other colored styles, braids, dreads, and even for hair deemed “too nappy” by administrators, his family said.

Jaylon’s mother was confronted by the Schools Superintendent Dr. Brent Vidrine after seeing him in the hallway.

“He asked me why would I let Jaylon dye his hair blonde,” his mother said. “He told us that he won’t be able to get a good job in corporate America with his hair that color. I told him I’m not concerned with him in corporate America yet. I’m concerned with where he is now. He’s in high school and I would rather him experiment now instead of when he does make it to corporate America.”

It seems as if the superintendent overstepped his authority in this case. Judging someone because of there hair and saying they wont make it in corporate America because of it is going way to far. We now live in a time where it is okay for people to have different color hair, or dress different than others. That does not mean they wont succeed in life.