A recent study has shed light on a painful condition which causes dogs to lose their wag. This study was revealed by a team at the University of Edinburgh who carried out detailed and in-depth investigation of limber tail and found that it causes the tail to become limp and painful.

According to this research published by the Veterinary Record, this condition largely effects the working dog breeds like Labrador and Retrievers. The limber tail is found in the dogs who live mostly in northern areas and have greater exposure to cold.  Initially swimming was considered as a risk factor for limber tail called as ‘Swimmer’ tail’ but later study found that this is common in few cases but not all of the affected dogs had been swimming prior to the onset of symptoms.

DrCarys Pugh, the supervisor of this study said, “We were surprised by how many owners were reporting limber tail to us but it meant we had the chance to do a detailed investigation.We have been able to add evidence to a lot of internet speculation about risk factors and the new findings relating to geographical region and family links give us avenues to pursue in understanding and avoiding the condition.”